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Farm Supply is an ag co-op, owned by over 2,300 members of our local agricultural community. Are you interested in becoming a member or want to learn more about how to support your local ag co-op? October is National Co-op Month, so now is a great time!

To be eligible for membership in our cooperative, you must be an agricultural producer—more specifically, you must have income derived from an ag product or commodity. Membership applications are available at all Farm Supply locations. If your application is approved by the Farm Supply Board of Directors, you’ll become a lifelong member of our cooperative as long as you retain your agricultural production status and continue to purchase products at any of our five locations.

Farm Supply is deeply rooted in the communities that we serve, and that includes educational clinics, community events, and donations to youth and agricultural programs. And as an ag co-op, we have a unique opportunity to give back to our local agricultural community through patronage dividends. Based on Farm Supply profits, dividends are declared annually for members with annual purchases of $1,000 or more. For 2020, the member return rate was 5.81%—the highest in Farm Supply’s history! We invested a record $350,000 back into our agricultural community. After a particularly challenging year, we were honored to be able to support our members.

You don’t have to be a member or ag producer to shop at Farm Supply. From irrigation equipment to pet supplies to clothing and home décor, Farm Supply has something for the farmer in everyone! And every dollar spent at Farm Supply is an investment back into our local agricultural community. By shopping at Farm Supply, you are supporting your local farmers, ranchers, and ag producers.  

Interested in learning more? Stop by one of our stores or give us a call!

Happy National Cooperative Month!

October is National Co-op Month! Farm Supply is proud to be a local agricultural cooperative with over 2,300 members.

For the past 70 years, Farm Supply has been driven by the passion and commitment of the Central Coast agricultural community, and that continues all the way through to our business model. Being an ag cooperative means that Farm Supply is owned by its members—our family of farmers, ranchers, and agricultural producers primarily located within San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.

Customers can apply for membership and, if eligible and approved by the Farm Supply Board of Directors, can become a member of Farm Supply. It’s a lifetime membership and connection to our stores, as long as the member remains in agricultural production and continues to shop at any of our five locations.

One of the most unique and beneficial aspects of a co-op is that members share in the company’s profits through patronage dividends. For Farm Supply, that means every dollar spent is an investment back into our local agricultural community. Support from our members and customers is what powers us to give back. In 2021, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we were proudly able to return more than $350,000 in dividends to our local ag community.

Farm Supply is one of more than 40,000 cooperatives of all types throughout America, supporting jobs that provide more than $25 billion in wages. Farming cooperatives, in particular, are making huge waves in the agricultural industry, as they directly employ 187,000 Americans in more than 8,000 locations, with a record $44.4 billion in farmer-member equity. That equity is why the cooperative model is so important to us—it means our farming community, which inspires our Farm Supply team every day, plays a crucial part in driving our business forward.

From irrigation equipment to pet supplies to clothing and home décor, Farm Supply has something for the farmer in everyone! So, whether you need to pick up farm, ranch, or home supplies, stop by Farm Supply this October and celebrate National Co-op Month with us.

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