Farm Supply carries a variety of supplies for sheep, goats, alpacas, swine and cattle. From feed by Nutrena and Purina, to supplement tubs and blocks, to vaccines, we have you covered. 


Bestselling Products

Harlan Feed

Harlan Feed has been producing quality hay cubes since 1850. At Farm Supply, you can find their Alfalfa cubes, Oat/Alfalfa cubes, or Alfalfa/Teff Grass cubes.

Bag Size: 50lb (22.68kg)

Non-GMO Renew Poultry Complete

A fortified feed containing flax for Omega-3 support and coconut meal to support spectrum nutrition. It also includes oyster shell to help support egg production. 

Bag Size: 20lb

Sunglo Show Pig Grower/Finisher

The pig grower is an 18% protein. Perfect for optimal growth, muscling and condition. For use in pigs 75lbs. and larger. 

Bag Size: 50lb

Product Specials
Summer Fun at Farm Supply

The weather is heating up and so are deals at Farm Supply. Check out our product specials page for a full list of items on sale this month.

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