Tips From Ellen The Dog Trainer!

Socializing your puppy is a very popular term, but what does it mean exactly?

Socializing a dog of any age involves ensuring they feel safe and comfortable in the presence of other dogs, people, animals, and various environments. Here are five key points to consider when socializing your dog:

  1. Safe and proper socialization should occur by 16 weeks or four months of age. According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, it’s crucial to expose your dog to various people, environments, and safe dogs rather than waiting until they are fully vaccinated. This can be achieved using strollers, handheld carriers, and selecting interactions and destinations carefully. As a professional, I prefer not to introduce puppies to unknown adult dogs.
    However, allowing your puppy to socialize with other puppies under constant supervision is perfectly acceptable. Our Puppy Class starting May 4th provides an ideal opportunity for this!
  2. Initially, let your puppy interact with people and dogs you already know; avoid interactions with strangers or unfamiliar dogs. Include seniors and children during this period.
  3. Gradually, add strangers. They do not need to pet your puppy, but instead just make sure your puppy has positive experiences with new people. Make sure they are seeing, hearing, smelling other dogs, too!
  4. Equally important is exposing your puppy to different environments. This could include your neighborhood, favorite coffee shop, or one of the Farm Supply stores.
  5. While prioritizing your puppy’s socialization, it’s equally vital to provide safe and enjoyable social experiences for your teenager, adult, or senior dog. This enriches the quality of your life together and preserves their social skills.

Follow along for more tips from our friend Ellen and stay tuned for more educational classes to come this fall.

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