Jim Brabeck-President/CEO of Farm Supply Company


After 50 years of serving our company, a blog post dedicated to our CEO, Jim Brabeck is most certainly long overdue…

Chronicling Jim Brabeck’s 50 years at Farm Supply Company, could end up  like writing a book series! Too many volumes!  So, please forgive me for condensing what Jim is to Farm Supply in just a little blog post. How do you start talking about someone who has dedicated 5 decades to one company? Let’s begin with the present. Today, he is President/CEO of a company that has 5 stores running the distance of two counties, roughly 110 employees, which he has hired every single one, and a company that prides itself by authentically helping people, selling products needed to support their farm, ranch, home, or business.

But back in the day, the late sixties and early seventies, Farm Supply was a much smaller operation. Run by 14 dedicated employees in our previous San Luis Obispo location, the beloved 675 Tank Farm Rd., Jim as General Manager had to pitch in and help with every facet of the company. He loaded trucks by forklift, swept the floor, worked the cash register, answered the phone, and “went over the books”, everyday. Things did seem simpler then, but the hard work was just the same.

Presently, Jim’s day consists of a combination of phone calls, emails, meetings, and lots of handshakes! He attends all store meetings every month, interacts with all of our employees, and is in contact with many of our 2600 cooperative members and retail customers. He does the regular CEO type stuff, meeting with our Board of Directors and management staff, making sure Farm Supply is running efficiently and profitably. He also represents Farm Supply in our community by volunteering his time to support education, children’s rights, law enforcement, and basically… goodwill to all.

Any and all of our customers are always welcome to stop by Jim’s office to say hello. The interaction may start as introductory, but will certainly end with true friendship. This is Jim’s gift to us, teaching us all how to uphold the old school values of treating people with respect, dignity, and kindness.

Blog Credit: Pam Pickering, thankful Farm Supply employee for over 27 years.

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