5 Good Reasons to Take a Dog for a Walk

Although taking a dog for a walk is a good way to get some exercise, there are additional reasons to get out of the house for a stroll.

Stress Reduction!

Humans and dogs both react to stressful events in their lives, and also to stressful people. A dog does not always know how to release that stress and anxiety. They also react to your stress and may show it in destructive or odd behavioral ways. No matter how big or small the stress is, it is important to utilize ways to reduce or even eliminate it in healthy ways. dog-walk_BLOG

A walk gives both you and the dog a physical and mental outlet for some of the stress. Going out to see and focus on other things besides what is causing stress or anxiety is a healthy way to get your minds and senses on other things for awhile.


Dogs are social creatures, with other dog peers, other animals or their human circle of family and friends. They like to visit and see who is out there in the world. If you go for a walk in a park or to an area frequented by or specifically created for dog walking, they get chances to meet and greet living creatures outside their home circle.

Much like humans, socializing is good for a dog’s mental health. If you turn it into a common habit, they will make new friends in both human and dog form that they will be excited to visit each time you go out for a walk.


Getting a dog into the routine of walking will help your dog get used to walking on a leash, help the dog to understand one of the functions of a dog collar, and help you train them to follow your lead and commands. They need to understand that walks also include certain rules of behavior to make the experience pleasant for both of you while you are out and about.

Some dogs easily take to the leash and others will struggle to learn your commands. The more practice your dog gets, the better he will learn the lessons and know he needs to follow them. Take a few CANIDAE Pure Heaven treats along on your walk together to reward good behavior and reinforce the lessons.

Varied Activities

People are not the only creatures who sometimes get bored with the same old surroundings every single day. A bored dog can be destructive or moody. Dogs enjoy going out to explore the bigger world outside their front door or their own yard. Every sight, sound and smell is a curiosity worthy of exploration. Other humans and animals leave a tell-tale scent trail that intrigues a dog. For them, there is a detailed story in every smell.

Quality Time Spent Together

Life gets filled with every imaginable task, job and activity as well as other people who take your time and efforts. As a beloved family member, your dog deserves some special individual bonding time with you or other household members.

Dogs enjoy a good walk and an outing with a human companion. They often look forward to the excursions and may get very excited when they realize you are preparing to go for a walk with them.

Now that you know why it’s good to take your dog for a walk, it’s time to take the next step. See what you’ll need, in order to get your pet stress-free and more tail-wagging happy!

Blog Credit: http://www.canidae.com/blog /By Laurie Darroch

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