Whatever livestock or animals you need to house, corral or fence, Farm Supply has the materials to do the job right! 


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Round Post

Round wood post is treated and comes in a variety of sizes. This post has a diameter that will vary, within an inch, from top to bottom.
Available Heights: 
•  7ft x 5-6 in
•  8ft x 4in to 5in, 5-6 in, 6-7 in  
•  10ft x 4in to 5 in, 5 to 6 in
•  12ft x 5in to 6 in

Round Dowelled Post

Round treated post that is the same diameter from top to bottom. It is also treated.  
Dimensions: 5in W x 8ft H


Heavy duty steel stakes with a spade at the bottom perfect for fencing in critters or keeping them out of your yard. These are available in green and white. Sized by height.   
Available Heights: 5ft, 6ft, 6ft6in, 7ft, 8ft, 10ft*
*10ft is available only in a true 133

Garden Post

Light duty steel post great for gardens or other home projects. These have a green coating for weather protection. Sized by height. 
Available Heights: 3ft, 4ft, 5ft

Dowelled Rail

Round, Douglas fir rail. Perfect for gardens or backyard projects. 
Dimensions: 3in W x 16ft L 

Corral Board

These boards are made from Douglas fir to keep from warping. These are perfect for the classic wood fence or complete your wire fence with a corral board on top.  
Dimensions: 6/4in x 6in W x 16ft L

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